The Last Carousel Widget You'll Ever Need

Save time and headaches with the Slick carousel library.

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Let’s face it, creating a custom carousel sucks! I’ve come to be known as “the carousel guy” in our dev team here at JG. At first, it was because whenever we needed to create a custom carousel I was the guy who got stuck with the job, but as time went on it was because I developed a deep love for cool carousels! Now, I want to spread that love of carousels to the ServiceNow Community.

My favorite library for developing carousels by far is Slick, developed by Ken Wheeler. With all of it’s properties, events and methods offered, you have the tools to create all kinds of cool, custom carousels. Don’t take my word for it though, see for yourself! Check out the Slick website and repository by following these links:



So with my carousel confessional out of the way, I want to share my love of carousels with the rest of the ServiceNow community! I’ve developed a Slick Carousel widget you can download for free and start using today. There’s just three easy steps to setting up your carousel. Add your widget to your Service Portal page, add it’s slides through the widget instance form and configure your widgets options. It’s as simple as that!

Features include:

  • Dynamic slides
  • 8 different carousel types to choose from
  • Customizable widget options
  • Choose how many slides you want to show
  • Fully Responsive!

If this carousel doesn’t exactly meet your needs, it’s very easy to customize! Just copy and code. The beauty of Slick is it takes the headache out of carousel development, and now that extends to ServiceNow too! By following the documentation on the Slick website you can easily create your own custom carousels with this widget.

Some of the carousel types included:

Standard - Single Slide

Standard - Multiple Slides

Variable Width

Slider Syncing

If you have any questions or concerns you can email me at, and if you want to learn more about adding third party libraries to your widgets, check out my other blog post here, happy coding!