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Jahnel Group TrackSuit Reveal

If you thought Jason Jahnel and Jahnel Group take bets lightly, this video will surely change your mind!

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Jahnel Group Does Machine Learning

Jahnel Group is pleased to announce a partnership with some young, smart, and hungry people over at Hoplite AI.

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Forward Motion Internship

We offer incredible opportunities in leadership, design, and development.

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1 Million Pushup Challenge

We were almost half way on our #MillionPushUpChallenge so we decided to get there in style. We rounded up the troops and blew past the 500,000 mark!

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Why Choose Jahnel Group?

Jon Keller, Chief Growth Officer for Jahnel Group, speaks on why Jahnel Group might be the right fit for your company.

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14 Year Old Memorizes 256 Digits of Pi!

Intern, Christian Jahnel, takes on the challenge of memorizing 256 digits of Pi in celebration of Pi day!

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Project Spotlight: 3D Printer

Thomas O'Neill goes into his construction of 3D Printer! Can for sure say this project is heavily used around the office.