looking to automate your testing efforts but not sure where to start ?

Have you thought about what tools to use?

What about the cost involved, the time it will take to get up and running, and finding qualified developers to add to your team ?

how reflex can help

The Reflex 3 Step Process

Step 1 – Assessment & Planning

We will send our experienced test engineers to work directly with your team to understand the current state of your software development lifecycle. We will develop a plan for how you can leverage the power of automated testing without disrupting your current workflow.

Step 2 – Test Creation

Your manual QA team will provide us with test cases and our test engineers will use the Reflex toolset to automate up to 100 test cases. We’ll work with your developers and release engineers in order to ensure that Reflex fits within your build cycle and system architecture.

Step 3 – Hand-Off or Service Contract

After we have demonstrated that Reflex is adding significant value, we’ll offer you two choices. We could train your QA staff on how to create automated tests using our web-based tool. Or, if you’d prefer, we could stay on long-term and continue to create automated tests for you on a service contract.

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